Dear Diary

Three Months In

Wow. It’s been three months since the beginning of my adventure. I didn’t want to start posting so soon, because I needed the time to acclimate and find peace in my new routine. But here we are! It’s been a journey, for sure.

I also wanted to wait until I got a proper desktop computer, and after saving my money from the first three months of my job, I saved enough to purchase a 21.5 inch iMac desktop computer! She’s a beauty. It feels a lot better to be blogging on this than on my 9″ iPad. Typing is now a dream.

But yeah, I definitely am leading a sort of solitary existence these days, with being exhausted from work and coming home at 5 PM and just jumping in bed with YouTube or Netflix and not thinking about the real world for a couple of hours. Now that I’m starting grad school, it’s going to be tough. When I did my online class, I found myself cramming all of my work into the weekends because I was just so tired after work (mentally and emotionally). I’m a little scared that I will do that with my in-person classes. I haven’t figured out a solution yet, but once I do I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know!

This is a hot and humid Saturday in Scranton, as per usual. This past week was difficult to get through, simply because we had a break for Independence Day. It made going back to work on Wednesday absolute hell on earth, not to mention that I fell asleep at 2:30 AM on Tuesday and had to get up at 7 AM!

Anyway, I miss my friends a lot and I miss lazy days, and I have to find a way to not suck at money, and try to be healthy, and none of it is working, so I just pretend like everything’s fine every day. Maybe things will get better soon.


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