Dear Diary

Mini Panic Attack

With Snowmaggedeon 2017 in full force for the past two days, the agency has been closed (and will be closed tomorrow) and my supervisor isn’t available for me to contact to accept the job offer. Not getting that done is causing me to have a bit of a freakout.

I just scheduled out “work” on my Google calendar for the next two years, as that’s the minimum commitment I’ll be making… that feeling is difficult. I’m scared because I don’t know if I’ll love the job or if I’m satisfied with getting my master’s degree in two years (and I sound really selfish for thinking this I’m well aware). I just don’t know about anything right now and I want to find out if I’d be able to quit the job and switch to full-time at Marywood or not… I feel like I’m paralyzed right now, am I making the right decision?


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